There are Two Kinds of Money...
...The kind that runs out and the kind that doesn't

Wealth lasts beyond one generation and is like a river. The senior generation doesn't own the river. They are merely its stewards, drawing from it, certainly, but preserving it for the next generation. Wealth managers help their clients preserve the river. As the younger generation develops its own goals and dreams, you want the river to be wide and deep. You want it to help your children make their own way in the world, but not weaken them.

We are fee-only, CPA wealth managers. We help our client families extend the flow of their river. And we do it with independence, commitment, transparency, and trust. If you need someone to lead a coordinated effort to nurture your river, and to do it with distinction, we're ready.

Let us Help You Solve the Family Financial Maze
A Sample of Our Services

Tax Planning & Compliance

Whether your tax needs are personal or business related, there are many ways you can benefit from using Netting & Pace, CPAs.

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Estate Planning

Our concierge services provide help with any of your financial issues all in one place.

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Social Security Planning

Netting & Pace can help you navigate the complex Social Security system using sophisticated, specialized software to determine your best options.

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Retirement Planning

Worry-free retirement. Imagine that. Be retired for upwards of thirty years and not have a financial worry the whole time.

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Family Office

Netting & Pace hosts periodic meetings to discuss the results of our efforts, including a review of financial statements, tax returns, banking conditions, or the family financial condition.

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Investment Planning & Consulting

As our client, we help you set financial goals based on risk tolerance.

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Personal Financial Planning

Netting & Pace, CPAs can help you create a personalized plan that preserves your income, minimizes your tax burden, and directs your energies and resources toward the achievement of your specific financial goals.

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Estate Settlement

We understand how complex and confusing this process can be. Netting & Pace can sit with you to help resolve your worries.

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Bookkeeping & Compilations

We present your accounting data in a format that is easy to understand.

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Business Planning & Consulting

Netting & Pace is frequently asked to consult with our clients as they consider business opportunities, transactions, and major buy-sell decisions.

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